Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Turbotax - Canada giveaway

Sustainable PF is giving away a copy of turbo Tax for Canadian taxpayers. I like this blog for all the cool sustainable tips they share.

I'm hoping to win this, ofcourse. Will be so handy to do my own taxes. It's been ages since I've done my own taxes. And after 5 yrs of a break in my career, I can't wait to do my own this time.

What an empowering feeling to be able to do my own taxes!


Sustainable PF said...

Thanks for the plug Kay!
I emailed you about subscribing - did it get fixed?
Also, remember to confirm your email subscription!

Kay said...

SPF, I think it is the browser setting of mine at office (IE old version) that was throwing it off... It's fine when I check from home (IE 7) .

Thanks for following it up.