Monday, July 6, 2009

Back with a plan! Anybody wants IN?

I had a nice break from everything and I focused on me, my family, my house and nothing else.

The house is well decluttered. There are still two cupboards to tackle but I'm proud of us for getting done with the first round of clutter. Took tons of stuff to Salvation army. All the recycle-able stuff that have been accumulating for the past two months are all out of the door. The balcony looks nice enough to make me want to have a reclining chair out there, but I'll wait till my kid(s) have grown up or when we get our own house and yard, whichever happens first! I cooked a lot of interesting stuff, tried Amaranth greens for the first time. TONS of veggies that I'm happy with my veggie intake these days. The three days a week, chiro appointments helped me very much and now I'm a lot better. I walk tall. Yes, I still measure the same 153 cm, but I feel tall! I also called a lot of friends from school, much to their squealing surprise :) and almost caught up with my mail backlog finally.

I ate grains in small portions for lunch or dinner if I really wanted to eat, didn't fuss about it. Ate an organic honey candy a couple of times, a small piece or two of kitkat, a small piece of son-papdi - on all different days. The weight is still the same - 130 lbs as of today morning though it did fluctuate one or two pounds up and back.

I had been thinking about my second goal. I initially wanted to do something else, which I had been postponing since I couldn't find something that I would need to go ahead with the second goal. I found it now but I changed my mind about the goal. I might do it later. Till then, that idea will be a suspense to my blog readers. :) Now you must be wondering what would the second goal be, after so much ado.

I want to try to lose another 5-10 pounds and also work on reducing my carb cravings. How??? You might ask. I want to do a modified South Beach diet. For two weeks. Absolutely no grains. Here's what I'll be doing. Anybody who wants to join in, are welcome.

NO list
  • No grains - which No rice, wheat, oats, quinoa, ragi, millet, amaranth, spelt, rye, kambu/bajra, sorghum/jowar - just about any grain) and no grain products like rava, poha, bulgur, cracked wheat, rice flour, couscous, pasta etc etc
  • No fruits other than berries and apples
  • No sweeteners of any kind - That means No honey, agave syrup, jaggery, rapadura, any kinds of sugar, maple syrup, nothing! Stevia is allowed. No date syrup, dextrose, glucose, fructose, maltodextrin, corn syrup, rice bran syrup, sorghum syrup - Read the labels of everything that came from the store. (Sauces have a lot of sugar!)
  • No dried fruits like dates, raisins, prunes, pineapple etc. Dried unsweetened berries are allowed.
  • No corn starch, tapioca flour, arrow root powder, etc
YES list
  • All lentils, peas, beans, bean flour.
  • All meat, poultry and seafood - in decent portions.
  • All nuts and seeds
  • All veggies other than potatoes and yams. Sweet potatoes allowed in small portions.
  • All greens
  • All cultured drinks allowed - kefir, kombucha or homemade yogurt
  • Good fats like Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, butter, etc. (preferably organic or all natural ghee/butter)
  • You are welcome to eat soy and drink milk if you want to, I'll be refraining from them since I'm intolerant to milk and don't like soy (and intolerant too).
  • Recipes/Ideas for food can be found here (My collection of Grainfree recipes that work for breakfast, lunch and dinner!).
  • Try to get a workout everyday, if it's possible. Walk, Run, Skip, dance (yes, it counts!), kickbox, Swim, do yoga, strength training, pilates, just anything that would get you moving.
  • Drinks tons of water - at least 3-4 litres.
  • Portion control - eat decent portions and don't overdo.If you cover all the food groups mentioned above at regular small intervals, you wouldn't feel hungry or tired.
You might get headaches for the first 2-3 days. might be detox or dehydration or not eating at right time. Keep eating at regular intervals and drinking plenty of water.

Disclaimer - I'm not a dietitian, nutritionist or a medical professional nor am I trying to play one here. Any suggestions given here are not substitute for medical advice by a professional or a dietitian. Follow this diet at your own risk.

July 18th to July 31rst. I'm giving this plenty of time just to be able to prepare stuff and load the freezer if I want to. Like I mentioned before, Anybody who wants to join in, are welcome. Just leave a comment here.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good, looks inviting, let me think about it for a day or two and will get back to you.
I really want to lose some pounds, and you plan looks doable.


Helen said...

Glad you are back! Seems like you had a very productive break too :-)

I would be up for some exercise with you...we could do walking either early AM or later PM...

Kay said...

Kavitha, sure, take your time and get back to me. There's plenty of time.

Helen, Yeah, a really good and a much needed break! About the exercise, well, those two weeks are going to be really hectic, with me going to India in the week after this diet plan. Sorry, I won't really be able to come for walks at the time.

Anonymous said...

I have decided to give it a try, going to drag my husband to do it too along with me.

Why only homemade yogurt? Store-bought Plain yogurt should be ok too, right.
Also, if you come up with a meal plan for these two weeks, please send it across.


Kay said...

Kavitha, that's wonderful!! yayyy, I have two partners already! :)

Mealplan... Hmmm...great idea! Let me think about it.

The homemade yogurt - because it is cultured and has more probiotic that storebought ones. And most store bought yogurts, even the full fat ones use skimmed milk powder to thicken the yogurt. Skimmed milk powder is really bad. But if you can find storebought yogurt that doesn't have skimmed milk powder in it, yes, go for it. :)

Anonymous said...

I usually buy Nancy's organic yogurt. It is cultured & has probiotics, but am not sure about skimmed milk powder, will chk the ingredients list.

Didnt know that skimmed milk powder is bad.

About meal plan - the lazy me wants to copy it from you so my grocery shopping would be easier !

Kay said...

Kavitha, if buying storebought is the only way you can get yogurt, then don't worry about eating store bought yogurt. We all do whatever works for us. :)

Ok, sure, will come up with a meal plan soon. It will help me too, to be prepared.

Anonymous said...

Kay, I do make yogurt at home for my son. I make it with whole milk for him, whereas the hubby & I use 1% or non-fat milk. Somehow curd made with lowfat milk doesnt come out good. So, I use store-bought lowfat or non-fat yogurt.
BTW, why is skimmed milk powder bad ?

Kay said...

I personally avoid fat free or low fat stuff at all costs, Kavitha. The fat is taken out and sugar additives are added to makeup for the loss in taste. :( I went through the fatfree route for one year, and I saw drastic changes in my skin, hair, nails. I now believe in good healthy fats in moderate amounts.

The foln. link doesn't have any negative effects of skim milk. But lists the WAPF principles.

Kay said...

Another reason for me to continue to believe that Real Fat is good is that - I lost that 30 lbs eating whole milk yogurt, tons of nuts, olive oil, butter and ghee. :)

Haritha said...

Hey Kay,

you can count on me as your diet buddy. can i have tea in the evening, without tea my mind doesn't work in the evenings?

Love your Blog keep up the goodwork.


Anonymous said...

Kay, Thanks for the links. In this modern world, there are so many food choices which make our life really complicated. One day, a food is declared as healthy and the very next day, a study comes up saying otherwise.
All these research articles and studies just contradict each other, at times I feel ignorance is bliss.

Kay said...

Haritha, Sure, join in! The more the merrier. Tea, yes, ofcourse... no sugar though. :D [just kidding!! it's really upto you. Refraining from sugar/carbs is advised for two weeks to get rid of carb cravings..but seriously, it's upto you. It doesn't have to be a all or nothing rule, you can add sugar if you can't give it up!]

Yeah, Kavitha!! I totally agree. Ignorance IS bliss!! Cavemen life must have been so good!! :) Eat all I want, no chemicals, no processed food and I don't worry about which study says what,! :D

THE NAIDU'S said...

Hi Kay

I have been following your blog for quite sometime now & love the way you maintain the every detail.

Have been on SBD since April & am quite content with the steady loss of weight over the last 3 months.

Wishing you all the success & look forward to your way of diet with SBD giving me additional ideas of recipes which could be included in to my meal plan.


Kay said...

Shri, glad you delurked! :) And Congrats on your steady weight loss with SBD!

I don't know if I can/will come up with new stuff for this two week period, life's just crazy right now. You can find ideas at the link I provided in the post above. Or look for Ideas for dinner, on the left side labels.

Hope you see you around.

Indira said...

Kay, I want to join because I would like be fit and lean for the upcoming India trip. Count me in.

I will maintain a food dairy during that time. This is my first time ever doing some thing like this, and I am little bit apprehensive. But I know I am in good company.:)

Kay said...

Sure, join in, Indira! I guess, this time dieting is going to be more fun with so many people participating in it. :)

Anonymous said...

Returned from India today and I have put on 7 lbs in less than a month!!! Whether I want to do this diet or not, I NEED to. Count me in. My only problem is sticking to these rules when socializing. I have no problem avoiding the banned foods but often end up eating them to not offend the hosts. Any tips other o n how to deal with such situations other than avoiding such social events?


THE NAIDU'S said...

Thanks Kay... yes I have been reading a lot...

Often find lots of useful reads related to SBD from Kalyns blog & yes Sig too..

All the best !


Kay said...

Mamatha! Glad to see you back! and glad you are IN! :)

About not offending the hosts, well, In my limited personal experience, I've found that if I tell them I have some food intolerances and can't eat a certain stuff, they are usually not offended. [I figure that if they are one in a million people who get offended for MY dietary intolerances, then maybe I have to think about that friendship!] I just ask if they can give me 2 WW rotis (if they ask me!) and I eat that with the protein+veggie options. And sometimes I offer to bring stuff that I can eat. I take beans or meat based dishes - kababs, curries, etc... If it can't be avoided at all, I eat whatever stuff available in small portions and eat some protein to keep my blood sugar down and don't worry much about it. :D It's not everyday that you get to do that anyway.

I have a camping weekend during that 2 weeks of no-grain diet and I am planning to take a lot of stuff that I can eat. Hopefully I'll be okay.

Shri, yes, kalyn's blog and sig's blog are great resouces. Thanks for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Wanted to ask you - why "No fruits other than berries and apples" ?

whats the criteria behind selecting only apples & berries ? Is it because of high sugar content in other fruits or is there an other reason ?

Kay said...

Yeah, Kavitha! It's the high sugar level in other fruits that they are avoided in the first few weeks of most no-grain diets like SBD, makers diet, primal diet etc.

The idea is to starve the body of all sugars/sweeteners/carbs etc so the body gets used to the no-carb, low carb idea.. Then when you start introducing grains, you'll notice that you don't crave as much sugar (carbs) like before.

Tharini said...

Hey Kay....count me in too.

This has come at atime when I am trying to begin something, w.r.t getting fitter.

To be honest, I have never been good with sticking to diets and am plainly anxious for how this one's going to go. But I feel the need to challenge myself and push myself a little, and with you and the rest who are in for company and support, why not!

Let me go back and read all the do and don'ts again and plan myself, and come back with any q's I have.

Thanks for being such a good initiator! :)

Kay said...

Tharini! With so many people IN, I can't withdraw from this idea, now.. Can I?? :) Just kidding!!

I'm actually looking forward to do this with you all. This is going to be fun! (never thought I'd say this for a diet!)

Anonymous said...

Looks very tempting with so many people in bandwagon!!
Wishing you and others for a great dieting !!

WE :)
Guess who am I.!!

Kay said...

Absolutely no idea, WE! :)

Thanks for the wishes! Cmon, de-lurk and tell me who you are! :)

bee said...

all the best. i am going on a detox diet - similar to this with a few key differences. will post about it soon.

Kay said...

Thanks bee! Can't wait to hear about yours.

bee said...

i'm in, but i will deviate from your diet a little bit. don't worry, it doesn't have 95% of the things on your NO list, but it's more restrictive than your YES list.

Kay said...

Awesome!! :) I'm feeling more inspired with so many of you in. Let me go and work on my meal plan.

candies said...

kay, I see that you've said you are both lactose and soy intolerant. I think my husband is intolerant to both of them too but doctor said there is no test available to prove it. What do you take for calcium if you are avoiding milk and soy? I am running out of options husband has to immediately use the restroom if he takes any form of milk or soy.

BDSN said...

Good Luck KAY!!!!

Kay said...

Candies, I can digest yogurt, kefir, butter etc just fine. Also, Lot of seeds, nuts, beans, whole grains, greens etc have calcium in it. I found a naturopath who helped me with my diet and figure out what I can tolerate and not.

Thanks BDSN! :)

Anonymous said...

Will join IN as well. This is curb my sugar and carb addiction.


Anonymous said...

I am in as well.

Vidhya Austin

arundati said...

am in too... although today will be my day one... best of luck to us all... going now to check my weight!!

Madhuram said...

Wow! this is what you were telling the other day. It's bad I can't do it because of my trip to India. I think I'm going to come back with few more pounds! All the best Kay.

Kay said...

Arundati! welcome here.. glad to have one more in this group of dieters. good luck!

Kay said...

Thanks Madhu!! Enjoy your trip and yummy food, while you are there! :)

LVI said...

I am in too, Kay. This is my first time on any kind of diet, and yesterday went ok, albeit with a headache for which I had to take tylenol...

Kay said...

Join in, LVI!

The headache could be your body detoxing or you might have to eat more snacks or smaller meals in between. I had a mild headache as well.

Bong Mom said...

I will join in but only for 6 days, can't do the whole two weeks :)

Kay said...

Jump in, Sandeepa!! Do it in your terms. Any small change is going to help.

superartsy said...

Hi,i would like to join in too.Except that I cannot skip out on the grains or meat. Can i still be in??

Lavanya said...

Hi Kay
Found your blog on the Workout Plan from Indira's website.

I'm in too. I need to shed my last 10 pounds after my second delivery baby weight. And ofcourse stay in shape for my sisters wedding that could be possible.

Kay said...

Sure join in, Supriya and Lavanya...

Supriya, Feel free to follow this no-grain diet (it allows meat) or make up your own diet.

Lavanya, I get that last 10 pounds thing. ;) Jump in!

Vineela said...

HI Kay,
I am in but 2 days late.Is it o.k
Came to know from Indiras blog.
Love to do this and i need to shed my weight too.

Kay said...

Vineela, jump in! :)

Anonymous said...

No grains menas what...?

Does is it includes rice flour, broken wheat, poha, jowar

bindiya said...

Hi Kay, you were such an inspiration!!late but am surely in-here's DAY 1 on my blog!!-

Shruthi R said...

Kay, I joined this workout too. Day 6 and I already lost 2 pounds (120 to 118). I am following all the guidelines but not maintaining any online journal though. Thank you for the Inspiration. I thought I will let you know that this Diet is working for me and I am sure its working for everyone else thats doing it.

Thanks again!

PS: I also have a question, I drink coffee twice a day with NJOY Nondairy creamer about ( 2 -3 tsp a day) and 5 -6 packs of Splenda.

Is it OK to have them? I am not sure if I can take Splenda as you mentioned that we need to deprive our bodies of all kinds of sweeteners.

I would appreciate if you can let me know.

- Shruthi

Kay said...

Thanks bindiya! Goodluck with your diet!

Shruti, Glad its working our for you. :) And thanks for sharing that you are in this journey as well. About your question, I personally would avoid that nondairy creamer and splenda because I think both are evil and are bad for the body. Look up on google 'splenda bad' and you might get in a lot of links. The nondairy creamer is very processed as well.

Nabeela said...

Hi Kay! I just had a few comments on your diet plan. I'm not trying to rain on your parade or anything but just thought I'd share what I learnt from my nutritionist. A low carb diet(or a no carb diet) is not exactly good for your health. Our body's major source of energy comes from carbs and depriving it of carbs leads to the muscles deriving energy from elsewhere...and eventually leading to muscle fatigue, tiredness and a host of other things.
Getting people to give up carbs does not gurantee they'll lose weight. A calorie is a calorie is a calorie. Eating a lot of something(that is good for your body) will still make a person gain fat pounds.
I hope you are not offended......seems like I'm the only person here who has concerns about this plan. I'm sorry if my comment offends you. You're welcome to come visit my blog where I talk eating healthy everyday.

Kay said...

Nabeela Not offended at all! Different people, different researches, different conclusions!!

Also, it is NOT a no carb diet - as the lentils, beans, nuts, fruits - all have quite some carbs in them - complex carbs. And meat and sweet potatoes have carbs too. And no, I don't recommend eating a LOT of anything. Portion control is common sense.

I also want to clarify that this is NOT a regular everyday diet and is only for a short duration. My regular diet is inclusive of wholegrains as well.

Nabeela said...

Phew...I'm so glad you weren't offended. And what you're saying makes complete sense to me. Thank you for the response :)

Anonymous said...

Kay, i followed your plan and lost 16-18 pounds in 2 months. I am grateful to you.

Kay said...

Congrats, Anon! That sounds just great. :)

Imagination said...

Dear Kay, I'm not able to see any posts when I click the grainfree recipes link in the above post. I'm not sure what's wrong. I'm planning to go on South beach diet and have been looking for no-carb Indian recipes for ages. Kindly let me know how to get hold of these recipes.


Kay said...

Kalpana, I had changed the title for that post, and the link wasn't working. Sorry about that.

It's fixed now. Enjoyy!

Anonymous said...

You have an inspiring blog going on here. Thanks! If you cannot tolerate milk or yogurt how do you compensate for the lack of calcium ?
Also what in your opinion is better whole milk or skimmed milk?


linxgeek said...

Hey Key

I have been looking to ur blog once in while n used to get inspired but today I have decided to join ur wonderful n motivating workout vratam, as rightly said by Indra